For UK Enterprises, Mozambique: A Market of Promise and Potential

In the quest for a vibrant, dynamic market for business expansion, UK firms need not look beyond Mozambique. This Southeast African gem, with a populace exceeding 28 million, presents a myriad of opportunities for British enterprises.

Mozambique is not merely abundant in natural resources, but also boasts a swiftly expanding economy, with an impressive average growth rate of 7% over the past decade. The nation's key sectors encompass agriculture, mining, and gas, making it a prime destination for businesses in these fields.

Strategic Location and Business-friendly Policies

The strategic positioning of Mozambique along the Indian Ocean offers a conduit to the landlocked nations of Africa, enhancing its allure as a trading associate. The Mozambican government is dedicated to refining the business landscape, with substantial investments in infrastructure and reforms to ease trade. Such efforts have led to Mozambique's commendable ranking among the top 10 African nations for ease of doing business.

Strong Ties with the UK

The UK and Mozambique share a robust historical and commercial bond, fortified by a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement. Although Portuguese is the official language, English is prevalent in business environments, thus minimising language obstacles for UK firms. Furthermore, Mozambique's membership in the Commonwealth fosters a sense of familiarity and shared values.


In essence, Mozambique presents a promising market for UK businesses aspiring to broaden their global reach. With its wealth of resources, strategic location, evolving business environment, and solid ties with the UK, it's a market ripe for exploration. Don't delay. Capitalise on this opportunity and embark on your journey towards success in Mozambique today.