Welcome to Burundi: A Vibrant East African Nation Brimming with Business Opportunities

In the heart of East Africa, lies the burgeoning nation of Burundi. A nation of over 11 million people, it may be one of the smallest countries on the continent, but its potential for UK businesses is immense. Despite its size, it is a market that is steadily on the rise, presenting an increasing demand for the products and services that UK companies can provide.

The Agrarian Economy of Burundi

The economy of Burundi is primarily agrarian, with agriculture contributing to more than 40% of the GDP and employing over 90% of the population. This sector holds considerable opportunities for UK businesses, especially in areas such as agricultural machinery, technology, and expertise. Alongside this, there is a burgeoning demand for infrastructure development and energy solutions, areas where UK firms can offer their globally recognised expertise and high-quality products.

The Challenges and Rewards of Doing Business in Burundi

However, it's worth noting that navigating the business landscape in Burundi can be challenging due to its intricate business environment. Yet, with the right approach, UK companies can successfully manoeuvre these challenges and reap the benefits of this emerging market. The UK government is steadfast in its commitment to support UK businesses in their international endeavours, providing valuable insights, advice, and support to help you succeed in Burundi.


In essence, Burundi presents a market with significant potential for UK businesses willing to explore new territories. With its growing economy and demand for a wide range of products and services, coupled with the UK government's unwavering support, your business can indeed thrive in this promising market. This is an opportunity to broaden your business horizons and leave your mark in Burundi.